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19th May 2005

We've closed Not Apathetic to new submissions - we will be publishing an analysis on this site soon, and making the data (minus email addresses) available for study. The explanations and responses will remain here indefinitely.

13th April 2005

There's a new pledge on PledgeBank - we're looking for more people to deliver leaflets about NotApathetic. Please put your name to this pledge and you can help spread the word.

7th April 2005

NotApathetic launches! Coverage in The Register mean we have quite a busy day.

6th April 2005

NotApathetic needs your help to make an impact. Please put your name to this pledge (powered by our next site, PledgeBank), to help us spread the word. We're only asking for about 20 minutes of your time, and it could make a real difference.

5th April 2005

The election's just been called, and we're down to polishing mode. Looks like Thursday is probably our launch day.

14th March 2005

Site still under construction. If you've any thoughts on how NotApathetic might be spread through the election campaign, please let us know!