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All of the major issues - Economics, ...

All of the major issues - Economics, Healthcare, Education, Environment etc require LONG TERM strategies based on solid funding and research.

The failure of the Treasury's yearly spending review system is the sole reason why PFI/PPP projects are actually embraced by many of our public services. It ensures long-term and stable income flows which they hope will enable better planning and management - even if the costs are higher than tradtional state-funding would have allowed.

A five year electoral cycle that provides nothing but an extended ad-campaign for short-term bribes to would-be voters *cannot* provide workable solutions to these problems.

Furthermore, successive governments' support for the bankrupt and indefensible polices of the WTO, IMF and the World Bank have actually reduced our influence over our own affairs to a greater extent than the European project that so many seem to consider a major threat.

For these reasons I refuse to legitimate any of the political parties, and have withdrawn my mandate permanently.

I look forward to the day when turnout falls so low that Westminster is forced to replace the current system with one that is actually equipped to deal with the real world, and which stops short-changing the people it claims to serve.

written 18th Apr 2005

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