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I've just moved into a new area (after 11 March 2005) and as a result am not allowed to register to vote in this election. With all the problems about fraudulent postal voting, it's appalling that a legitimate voter cannot register. Surely this should be possible within a week of polling day if you can present identification (e.g. Council Tax/Utilities Bills) at your local Town Hall.

written 19th Apr 2005


Dave replies: I am in a very similar position. I have tried to register to vote here (Portsmouth) five times since coming to Uni. Each time I am told some deadline was missed and could I please fill out another form. Sounds like another classic example of Labour bureaucracy. It's not just me but about 50% of the local 18-22 year olds!

Of course, most students will vote either Lib Dem or Conservative. There are three what should-be Tory votes in this house that won't be included in this election.

written 20th Apr 2005

Matt B replies: just find someone who doesn't want to vote and borrow their poll card. you can then go down the polling station, nick their identity and cast your vote.
If that is too hard pick a name and address from the local phone book, go early and cast your vote. the system we have in this country to verify voter identity is ludicrous, so you should be able to vote one way or another.

written 20th Apr 2005

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