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I fail to see that my vote will turn...

I fail to see that my vote will turn my "Gerrymandered" constituency away from the Labour it will always be.
My not voting may adjust the margin by a miniscule amount, but as a rural community our needs are overwhelmed by the town 20 miles North that has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, one of the highest Teenage pregnancy rates, poor social housing and is being targetted for health and education spend. We are unlikely to see any change from this focus. Prior to boundary changes we were in a marginal constituency and the rural vote could have swung the seat either way, so I never missed a vote then.
We are being emasculated to ensure a Labour win.

written 18th Apr 2005


Tom Harris replies: "I fail to see that my vote will turn my "Gerrymandered" constituency away from the Labour it will always be."

How can you be so selfish, men and women have died to keep this country a democracy. Your individual vote will not make any difference to the result no, but not voting is a big fingers up to anyone who has fought/died for your freedom.

I also find it amusing that your complaining about a particular party yet you will not vote to show your disaproval. If you don't vote you don't have the rite to an opinion.

written 18th Apr 2005

Harry replies: I appreciate the comments but the invective is misplaced.
The logic in your reply is flawed.
Part of being in a democracy is being able to choose. I am, for the first time, choosing not to exercise my right to vote. It is a right, not a compulsion. If we had compulsory voting, then it wouyld be different.
Many men and women fought for emancipation, which was to gain the right to vote, not the compulsion. As I have read all of the manifestos of the parties standing in my constituency I am execising a reasoned and democratic right - to withhold my vote.
The system has been rigged to make the vote worthless - two parties with predominantly the same issues, some of which come from celebrity input, rather than sensible debate, and a third party with such mixed views it makes it hard to follow what the government would be like.
I do not vote to show disapproval because by voting I would be approving a canditate I do not want as my MP.
AND Mr. Harris you are wrong to criticise anyone that does not vote for a particular party. THE REASON YOU ARE VOTING IS TO ELECT AN INDIVIDUAL TO REPRESENT YOUR CONSTITUENCY AT PARLIAMENT. He or she can immediately change parties once elected if they so wish, you are not electing a party you are electing a person.
I would want to be very sure of the history, and legal standing of the voting system, before I criticised someone for not adhering to party politics, and before quoting the deaths of suffragettes to try to prick a conscience that is all too aware of the truth behind emancipation.

written 19th Apr 2005

George the pict replies: Tom Harris? The M.P.?
The War apologist?
The evangelical Christian?

written 23rd Apr 2005

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