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Write your reasons here... Discrimination against some, not all, pensioers abroad

Write your reasons here...

I also live in Australia and each time I go back to the UK I have to keep boarding passes etc, to prove that I have been somewhere in Europe, the USA or one of a large number of other countries, in order to receive my full pension entitlement for the time I was there. As soon as I return to Australia, my pension is cut back to the amount I first received - no indexing allowed for us. As far as I can see, not one of the UK political parties has any plans at all to change the circumstances for British Pensioners living in one or two Commonwealth countries, where they (politicians in power) for some reason not clear to me, punish the old for choosing to live there and not somewhere else - an Alice in Wonderland way to behave. Strange thinking, is it not? Even if they do promise in advance that all pensioners will be looked after, nothing actually happens once they are safely voted in. So why vote any of them in? D.M.E.

written 18th Apr 2005

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