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Im not voting because Ive been disenfranchised which is unfair since the UK pension is the foundation of my income, and doubly unfair because I am being cheated out of the annual uprating which I paid for in a working lifetime of contributions to the NIF. Without a vote I have no way of registering a protest at the freezing of my pension. Which party would I choose if I had the vote? Sixty or more Conservatives have supported our campaign to end pensions freezing, but the leadership is equivocal. Twelve years ago a high profile Labour MP wrote to me that it was his partys policy to give us our uprating. Labour was elected to power, the MP became Pensions Minister and today he is Party Chairman, but he has done nothing to implement his promise. So Labour cannot be trusted. Only the LibDems in their 1993 Manifesto made a clear commitment to us which has never been withdrawn, and Party Leader Charles Kennedy said recently We have shown that we can stick to our principles.
I would give them a chance, but I would get from the LibDem candidate a personal pledge to stick to the partys undertaking to abolish pensions freezing to prove that voters can rely on their promises.

written 18th Apr 2005

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