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There is very little point in voting in Chichester (Conservative majority 11,965) where I live or in Hull East (Labour majority 15,325). These are only examples. Most other constituencies are safe with the present voting system and there is little point in voting except in the marginal ones . Although the parties don't admit it openly, they do recognize it. That's why the party circuses concentrate mainly on the marginal constituencies and the swing voters within them. Experts expect that the 2005 election will be decided by only about 800,000 voters (2% of the electors)! This means the views and votes of 98 out of 100 people don't matter. In effect, the voting system has disenfranchised the vast majority of us .

This is a scandal that must be ended, but most politicians don't want to change a voting system that suits them very nicely thank you. A fair voting system, such as the Single Transferable Vote, would make enable every vote potentially to be effective and would encourage us all to vote. Readers can find out about the Single Transferable Vote and other voting systems from and can visit to join the campaign for a fairer and more efficient voting system.

Anthony Tuffin.

written 17th Apr 2005


sans replies: I do agree with you, but majorities are not permanent and can be overturned. Maybe not this time but maybe next time. Some of these marginal were once safe Conservative seats.

written 17th Apr 2005

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