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I have just been playing with the seat...

I have just been playing with the seat calculator on the BBC Election website. Playing with numbers I entered
Labour 28%of votes,
Tories 28% of votes
LibDems 36% votes
Others 8%
The seats predicted form this share out is as follows
Labour 275 seats
Tories 174 seats
Lib Dems 170 seats.
Now can someone tell me that this is a fair election and everyone vote carries the same weight?
I don't think so. It would seem the constituency boundaries are rigged in favour of the Labour vote. Something stinks in British politics.
The sooner Proportional Representation is intriduced the better it will be for the UK. Politicians would then have to deal honestly with the electorate and not use spin.

written 17th Apr 2005


Colin Rowe replies: Interesting and revealing, isn't it? Two things to consider: the BBC seat calculator could have a flaw in its setup; or, in the event of that situation occurring (extremely unlikely), the Tories would have to work with the Lib Dems to keep Labour out. There's no telling where that one would end up! Given the fairly obvious slant in favour of another Labour victory, it cannot possibly mean that there will now be no time at which any other party could have a hope of winning. Option: leave the country or mount a coup!

written 17th Apr 2005

Mark Scott replies: Possibly because a lot of Tory voters vote in constituencies where there is a massive Tory majority - seats where you could allegedly put up a monkey with a blue rosette and it would get elected (like Henley on Thames perhaps?)
Whereas Labour and Lib-Dem seats have on the whole a thinner majority, often with basically 3-way splits?

Bring on PR I say.

written 17th Apr 2005

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