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I will not be voting because, despite what is said, it is not a secret vote. You go to a polling station and the first thing they do is put a number, copied from a master list, onto your ballot paper. That way they know how you voted. I have only voted once and that was when I came of age, 40 years ago. Bring in a real secret ballot and I will vote again.

written 17th Apr 2005


James Farrar replies: I can understand why you say this, but the argument is disingenuous. "They" can only know how you vote if they get a court order to un-seal the records. Without this provision, proving the Labour Party's massive fraud in Birmingham last year would have been impossible.

written 17th Apr 2005

Mark Scott replies: I fail to see why this should be an issue. This is not a police state. No-one is going to persecute you for voting any way you choose. I doubt that anyone really cares enough about one vote. It seems a very feeble excuse to me.

written 17th Apr 2005

Colin replies: I live in E1 not far from Brick Lane on an estate that is mostly Bengali. If I vote BNP and there is trouble on my estate, who is going to be hauled up by the police?

written 17th Apr 2005

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