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They're not voting because...

Ask people if they would trust a politician...

Ask people if they would trust a politician, and and nine times out of ten they will say "Of course not!". Yet when the time comes they witlessly toddle along and mark a cross on a piece of paper electing politicians whoes first interest is furthering their own personal career at any cost. And then the voters (who don't trust politicians anyway) go home thinking they've somehow played their part in keeping democracy going.
But I'm not convinced. If democracy means having a say, then how come the vast majority of people in this society have no say say whatsoever in anything beyond their own personal lives, such as what to have for dinner today, and even that is probably decided by others (how much is spent on advertising and rigging the food industry in general?).Bit of a joke really - a tale told by an idiot.
P.S. You want proof of what I'm saying? Just ask yourself how much say you have in anything whatsoever outside your own personal situation.

written 17th Apr 2005


sans replies: So how much say do you want?

The whole point of voting is to vote people in that agree with and trust that they would implement laws and govern in matter that satisfies you.

written 17th Apr 2005

dcd replies: The trick is knowing the difference between where you have control/influence and where you don't.

You are miles better off focusing on the area in which you have some control and influence -- where you can make a positive difference that wasting your time with sham democracy (which merely appears to offer some control and influence).

Indeed, if you sacrifice your personal time and energies on political matters, it will be AT THE EXPENSE of being a positive influence in the world and in your life.

You will become frustrated and angry, intolerance, perhaps disillusioned, resentful, and the constant failures will weight you down and depress you.

Be happy, choose LIFE!

If more people understood this, the voting population would dwindle to a significant degree, and bring the whole system into disrepute -- then we'd get change. Funny that!

written 14th May 2005

Donny replies: Very interesting blog!

written 16th Sep 2005

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