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Write your reasons here... I have not put my cross alongside the name of any party for the past 25+ years. As I result I have received a fair amount of chastisement from friends and others with the hackneyed old platitudes of ' being irresponsible, past generations suffered to procure the vote for women' etc..

My response to their not inconsiderate naievity, is that my first duty is to myself and my beliefs and understanding. These same people are amongst the apathetic when it comes to reading, discussing, or even having an opinion about the real issues at a global level.

For many years I have believed the real power to be in the hands of the multinationals and governments in the 1st world have ebcome very adept in the use of passive (and in the case of the Bush administration, not so passive) propoganda.

|We live in a culture of 'emperor's new clothes' where no one public figure seems to have the courage to say it like it is and if there is a disenting voice out there, there are very quickly pilloried for their trouble.

The one medium that appearts to be 'safe' in its ability to communicate directly with like-minded people is the inter-net and I can only hope that over time this will enable people to appreciate they are not alone in their beliefs and will refuse to be led like lambs to the slaughter.

I am not a radical, just a 'seeker after truth'... or in the words of a song from 1960's or 1970's "NOT IN MY NAME YOU DON'T' (if anyone can tell me the artist/writer, it would be good)

Keep up the good work

Apathy is the 8th deadly sin!!

written 17th Apr 2005

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NotApathetic was built so that people who are planning not to vote in the UK General Election on May 5th can tell the world why. We won't try to persuade you that voting is a good or a bad idea - we're just here to record and share your explanations. Whether ideological, practical or other, any reason will do.

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