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My constituency (Newport East) is so...

My constituency (Newport East) is so safe for New Labaah that there's no point. No one ever comes round to ask my opinion on anything because the people round here would elect a donkey if it wore a red rosette. In fact, they did. The seat was handed to a bloke who stabbed John Major in the back in 1991, and he's obviously decided he can't stomach any more of Tony's slimy greasy ways because he's taking his departure money and running. God only knows who they're putting up as a candidate, and while I would have considered voting Lib Dem in protest, I now find the Lib Dems are in bed with the Welsh Separatists over throwing buckets more money into the hole in the ground in Cardiff where Rhodri Morgan and his cronies hang out, and giving them even more power too.

It's enough to make me ring mark thatcher and ask if he can get me a helicopter ....

written 17th Apr 2005


Lorenzo replies: "Labaah" I love that, haven't seen it before and "ring Mark Thatcher", Vote Apathy - Vote Comedy". I feel much better now you made me laugh.

written 17th Apr 2005

Mark Scott replies: So who would you vote for? It sounds like we will never know. It's all very well being cynical about a hopeless situation such as you seem to be in, but your vote could be part of a small chorus raised in opposition to the Labour fortress. How about picking the least worst of the alternatives on May 5th - or even pick one at random since it will make no difference - and vote? The more votes for anyone other than the "inevitable" victor, the more his victory becomes just that little bit less inevitable - next time if not this time.

written 17th Apr 2005

john replies: I saw the reply "so who will I vote for" and it made me think back a few years.

In 1983 (?) Maggie T won her second election, a landslide on the back of her having ordered the beating up a load of argentinian conscript soldiers.

I moved from a flat in Cardiff City Centre the week after the election, and as this was Jim Callaghan's seat it was in many ways similar to my situation now.

I voted Monster Raving Looney. I was very influenced by a commitment in their manifesto at the time to reform the licensing hours and do away with the restrictions imposed as a short term measure at the outbreak of world war one and still in force ....

written 17th Apr 2005

Andrew replies: Am i understanding this correctly? Sick of the Tories so we vote in President Tony. Sick of president Tony so we vote for someone else. Can anybody else see a pattern here? like.....a pattern thats been repeating itself for DECADES???!!!??? Voting for people who don't represent us but CAN remove an incumbent party but thats about it...then we get fed up with them and vote a different lot in. Objectivity? Nope.

written 29th Apr 2005

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