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They're not voting because...

Each party has a policy(s) that I disagree with.

Each party has policies that I object to.
I find that whoever I could vote would require me
to endorse a policy (or policies) that I strongly object to, even though
I actually agree with each of the parties on some issues.

For instace I can not vote Labour because they may try to introduce ID cards, which I find an abhorrent idea.
I could not vote for the Libdems (despite agreeing strongly with many of their policy's) because they are pro Europe.

What we need is some sort of system that allows us to vote on issues, that would be real democracy.

written 16th Apr 2005


gwroe replies: The Greens are opposed to both id cards and the Euro and want to change the electoral system so that every vote counts. Why not vote Green?

written 17th Apr 2005

sans replies: It is a bit hard to find a party that aligns exactly with you. Just to point out on Europe - that the Libdems are commited to a referendum on the constituion and would abide by the majority decision, the same with the euro. I don't wholeheartedly agree with all aspects of the European constitution but I know that in major issues the Libdems will insist on a referendum, therefore you can vote against the constitution in the referendum.

written 17th Apr 2005

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