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They're not voting because...

Politicians are self-serving bastards...

Politicians are self-serving bastards. They don't care at all that they don't know what the hell they're doing - as long as they're in charge; they're happy.

Labour? They think we need id cards so we can be allowed to live in 'their' country. The country belongs to the people - these bastards are supposed to be running it for us. Who can't see another collossal IT screw-up with a massive bill? Criminals and ileegals will get themselves fake documents, only the honest will be inconvenienced. Bliar - only shown leadership in one thing, that was taking us to war on false evidence. Brown - how much more tax do you want to pay?

Conservatives? Howard; are we supposed to have forgotten their years of mean-minded, screw everybody else, no such thing as society? Letwin - christ no!

Lib-dems? A bunch of kids making up policies that sound good - until you realise it's more likely than not that it'll be your pocket they're picking to fund the raising of other people's kids / caring for parents whose children can't be bothered to care for (but want to preserve the old inheritance). Letting sixteen year olds vote, great idea (you do know what sarcasm is don't you?) Porn stars at sixteen too - you wankers. It is just as well everybody knows you're a political joke, because whenevr you actually get called on a policy issue - you look embarressed and incompetent kids.

UKIP? We're supposed to believe that it would be viable to leave the EU? How about staying in and sorting out the corruption and nepotism.

You're all wasters

written 16th Apr 2005


Paul Tallowin replies: You don't want a mean, screw everyone else government and you also don't want a government that taxes people? I don't know about you but I was ready and willing to vote at 16, and I was mature enough to use it sensibly.

written 17th Apr 2005

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