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I am not voting because, like 93% of...

I am not voting because, like 93% of this population, I am not religious, and as such I am now a second class citizen in this country.

This is because in its efforts to brown-nose the 7% of the population who are religious the government have been slowly but surely extending yet more privileges to them.

They have given faith schools such powers that even in areas where they are the only schools available, faith schools blatantly demand high levels of church attendance and publicly announce that applications from non-religious parents wont even be considered.

What is worse is the plan to turn all secondary schools into specialist academies under the control of churches.

I cannot for the life of me understand how a supposedly socialist government in the worlds 4th largest economy can create a situation whereby a child can go to a teacher and ask Whats one plus one? only to be told by the teacher with the full weight of British Law behind them I cannot tell you that, because your parents are not religious enough.

Faith schools divide communities, because religion is the father of racism ask the people of Northern Ireland! Once you believe that your god is better than my god, and then it naturally follows that you will soon believe that your race is superior to my race.

The ONLY WAY we will get peace and stability in this world is when every child is educated with every child. But try telling that to Blair, Howard or Kennedy and youll be wasting your breath, because all of them believe in continuing with the utterly illogical policy of dividing children up for educational purposes NOT by academic ability but by their parents superstitious and irrational beliefs. Perhaps when Enoch Powells rivers of blood begin flowing through our streets as religions fight each other as they regularly do in the Third World, these politicians will realize their fucking stupidity.

As if this was not bad enough, all three parties are also committed to giving churches billions of pounds to run faith based welfare. People associate this policy with George the Jesus freak in the US, but it has been a reality in many parts of the world for years, and study after study has shown that no matter how independent you try to make such schemes in order to ensure all get welfare, the truth of the matter is that you only get what you PRAY for.

Europe has fought hard over hundreds of years to replace superstition with rationalism, yet all three parties seemed determined to drag us back into the dark ages, by courting religious groups.

My own father fought in the last war to defend the world against Hitler. Yet, some religions preach things that are far worse than Nazism. Despite this, in Britain religions are being allowed to practice their hate at taxpayers expense and with charitable status and low rates of VAT.
They are also being given seats on bodies that set all kinds of social policies on everything from GM crops to abortion. Worse than that, thanks to Blair, Howard & Kennedy religions will soon be able to operate in a society where anyone who dares to criticize them will be thrown into prison. Why on earth would anyone want to vote for that?

written 16th Apr 2005


sans replies: Just to point out re: what you metioned in your last paragraph, the incitement to religious hatred laws have yet to be enected and have been opposed by the Liberal Democrats on just the grounds you have mentioned, that nothing should be free from criticism.

written 16th Apr 2005

Geoffrey replies: I don't know whether you consider yourself liberal, but this contribution most certainly isnt. I sure there must be good reason for your antagonism towards religions, but Im startled by the venom. As for the view on education, who gave the State the right to decide what is best for children?

written 16th Apr 2005

square peg replies: It is absolutely disgusting that people pay their taxes to fund education; and then their children get refused entry to state-funded schools because of their religion. This isn't antagonism towards religion, its antagonism towards the government discriminating against children because of their religion (or, rather, their parents' religion). Public money shouldn't be used for this.

I hope you do vote. The parties are all bad on this, but they're not all as bad as each other. The Tory's will give every parent 6,000ish to spent at whatever school that can charge less than that amount, Labour will create more state faith schools, and the LibDems are disinclined to push faith schools.

written 16th Apr 2005

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