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I'm no longer willing to be ballot box fodder for an out of touch, self-centred elite. Party politics and career politicians are demeaning the democratic process. They berate the voters about low turnouts but they themselves are the cause. Their own special interests constantly supersede the genuine concerns of the wider public.

Between elections they inhabit a parallel universe, insulated from the trials and tribulations of the rest of us who have to try to earn a living through the daily grind. They put on a theatrical performance in paliament dutifully reported by their allies in the media, trying to make us believe that they are doing something for us, but their real intention is self preservation.

Then at election time they interrupt this synthetic existence and materialise on our doorsteps pretending to be concerned and full of promises that are forgotten as soon as the votes are counted.

I'm sick of the lot of them - their sleazy arrogance, their pantomime posturing and above all their deceit and dishonesty.

written 16th Apr 2005


sans replies: I suggest u contact your local MP and ask him what he does. You make MP's to be a separate species rather than people like you and me with the same concerns. Generalisations like the one you make are easy and a bit lazy.

written 16th Apr 2005

Anonymous replies: Well, I couldn't agree more with the original post. The first responder seems to have cut and pasted their "You disagree with me so you're lazy and take the easy route" quite a few times.

Who then is the lazy one? The author of a considered and lengthy post decrying the dishonesty of all our poilticians or the one who cuts and pastes a stock answer from the politicos which basically follows the normal "Attack and dismiss without answering" tactics of the politician.

Don't vote, it only encourages them.

written 16th Apr 2005

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