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I dont know enough. I hate to say it...

I dont know enough. I hate to say it, but on many of the issues I just don't know the technical ins and outs. For some issues, it's clear - I dont think we should tell people what they do with themselves (drugs), but for more complicated issues, like joining Europe , etc. I'm totally not qualified to judge - and since there are so many differing opinions, no one else really can say they know what's best.

written 15th Apr 2005


Lorenzo replies: Perhaps if politicians spoke in plain English and gave straight answers, then we would all know a huge amount more about everything. Maybe we would even become interested and who knows we may even think about voting.

written 15th Apr 2005

Will replies: If you cannot decide who to vote for on the basis of all the national policies that the parties are campaigning on, then have a look at your own constituency to see which candidate can have a positive effect on the area in which you live.

Remember, the MPs are not just representatives of a party, they are YOUR reprasentative of YOUR area and YOUR local issues. Find out how your current MP voted in parliamentary votes and see if you agree with them. Find out what they have done on a local scale to help the community. After all, whoever is voted in will be responsible for your local area for at least the next four years!

written 15th Apr 2005

justin replies: (original poster)

I don't know how people do it though... like, there's a few issues that matter to me... but to be honest, those issues are spread across the political divide. Local or national - I'm also beginning to feel that it's just a totally arbitrary set of choices I would be making, and in so doing, giving my aprobation to people who don't deserve it. If I vote Lib Dem for a couple of issues, without know all the others, what else am I getting myself in for?

written 15th Apr 2005

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