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The system is wrong! Give us proportional...

The system is wrong! Give us proportional representation. And debate proper issues. Elections are won and lost on a few issues whose importance is elevated way out of proportion. And whoever wins on tax/education/healthcare etc, can then steer the country on all the issues that are too awkward to debate for an election, including setting foreign policy and deploying the armed forces.

Well actually I might vote for myself - 500 quid candidate deposit, plus 150 quid party registration fee, plus campaign expenses (printing canvassing material etc). Not exactly cheap. But if I call the party the 'tick here for none of the above', then that precise wording appears under my name on the ballot paper. Bingo! A way to for people register dissatisfaction at the system without joining the ballot paper spoilers whom the election winners will simply brush off as people unable to use a pen properly.

written 15th Apr 2005


Mari replies: I agree, I think that the scottish system gives us better representation. It also doesn't feel so much like our vote is wasted.

written 15th Apr 2005

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