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Every few years we are offered to pick from a few puppets who are backed by vested interests, who are primarily showmen. They'll say and do anything to get attention and buy control. Primarily politics is about a few big heads trying to impose their will on the masses.

I prefer a system where we, the masses, select suitable people, and we will pick people people with both aptitude and inclination to SERVE. We will look after them as reward for what they deliver, those seeking to promote their own or vested interests are not welcome.

How naive to assume that the masses know what is good for them. Look at the world guzzling fossil fuels as fast as we can, is that in our best long term interests?! Is it wise for school children to vote for free iPods and visits to the chocolate factory.

Most conceivable questions are non-questions. Why does 2 + 2 = 5? Why waste cycles trying to find an answer.

Governments are run by unelected state employees, they are subject to every conceivable pressure group. All governments seek the same general goals - capitalistic growth, consumerism, globalisation, obfuscation, control of the media, collusion with vested interests, personal profit.

Employ a care worker and she will try to justify her salary by looking for reasons that endorse her work. Everyone knows that any employee's status is greater the more budget they control, the more their salary, the more subordinates they have. There is a natural inflation process. In no time we have a monstrous parasitic mountain of care workers whose efforts are largely to dumb-down teh population and justify their own existence. How can politics and voting help reverse this inflationary trend.

It is inappropriate to assume that all those who do not play the voting game are apathetic. Some of us do not vote with enthusiastic and dedicated thought and energy.

written 15th Apr 2005


piersh replies: If you think that disbanding our democractic processes & institutions is a better alternative then frankly you haven't travelled enough. I think you should stop indulging yourself & give thanks you live in one of the world's freer countries.

written 15th Apr 2005

Luther Blissett replies: Will you idiots stop making this facile non-point. Being anti-democracy is not being pro-dictator.

We don't want to be ruled by any self-serving fuck-hole, be that Tony, Saddam, Dubyer, John (Howard), Kim, Silvio, Adolf. Genocidal maniac, ex-alcoholic, lawyer or just plain twat, we don't want to be ruled by them. See, I'm against the whole damn lot.

Or maybe your argument is that because my B is better than his/her A, I am wrong to want/aspire to C?

There are political systems with far greater freedoms than "democracy", my travellin' man, and I'd greatly appreciate it if people like yourself would let us get there. You might want to be governed from on high, I don't.

written 15th Apr 2005

P replies: You GO Luther! - lol

written 15th Apr 2005

Thomas Smith replies: I agree entirley with what you have said, but unfortunatley I can't muster as much hope. I see a future of mass consumerisation, globalisation and mental enslavement and manipulation.

But what can be done here, today, now? Aside from small, and often insignificant jabs at a system that grows stronger and more engulfing every day, what can we do to stop it?

Although the government are just a handful of people out of millions, it is the mass media, now almost entirley coporatised, that controls the way many people think and act.

Voting doesn't work, it changes nothing and endorses the system, but neither does abstaining, allowing them a free hand.

What can be done?

written 15th Apr 2005

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