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MONEY counts. Not votes. Money runs ...

MONEY counts. Not votes. Money runs the lives of politicians and non-politicians. No matter which party is in power, the State has lost its power to influence banks who create money as interest-bearing debt. Thus it gets more and more difficult to find that 'interest money'. All 'economic data' is window dressing, disguising the real mechanisms of power.

Voting for ECONOMIC democracy would be the only alternative worth voting for...

Otherwise, I'm wasting my time on voting.

Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies

written 14th Apr 2005


Gill Swanson replies: True. Why are we always being told it's either higher taxes or drastic spending cuts, when governments aren't prepared to provide us with a stable money supply? Only notes and coins are supplied as interest-free credit, and as electronic money has taken over, during the past fifty years or so, this has rapidly fallen as a proportion of our total money stock, to be replaced by more and more bank "credit. By 1997, the government was relying on ordinary people and businesses to go into debt,through mortgages and other loans, to provide 97% of the money in circulation. If governments were prepared to create and spend into the economy the same 41% of the total money supply as they did in 1948, rather than the measly 3% they fob us off with now, it would go at least some way to easing present levels of private and commercial debt, and to resolving the tax v spend issue. Why should we have to go into debt for the privilege of exchanging goods and services with each other? And why has no main party put money reform at the top of of their manifesto list, when the insane insistence in creating our currency as an interest-bearing debt to the banks is at the root of so many problems? GS
(Plenty more information at

written 16th Apr 2005

Sabine K McNeill replies: Well put, dear Gill!

Well done for advertising Prosperity UK on this occasion!

One wonders what it would take for any party to take it on board...

I shall have a chance to ask Vincent Cable MP this question on June 8th.

Austin Mitchell MP, our sponsor, has been fighting the cause as a lonely hunter...

written 16th Apr 2005

luther blissett replies: Thanks to both Gill and Sabine for the two links and a whole new world of infomation, ideas and things to mull over.

written 19th Apr 2005

Sabine K McNeill replies: Yes, Luther, welcome to great surprises!

But we are not alone: in Canada a class action has been launched on April 15, 2005!

written 19th Apr 2005

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