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They're not voting because...

... I don't think the person elected...

... I don't think the person elected in my constituency, whoever they may be, can possibly represent my views along with everyone else's, their own personal leanings, and the policies of the party they belong to. How can they? But, following the mass protests over the invasion of Iraq, I've become increasingly jaded with local representatives who vote as per the party whip rather than their own constituents. Surely that isn't democracy? I think it's time we were afforded more of a say in the running of our communities, regions and countries. I think we have a collective responsibility and should progress beyond un-representative and out-dated model.

written 15th Apr 2005


debra replies: You need a way of distinguishing between politicans better ... and being able to influence which individuals not just which party gets elected. STV?


written 15th Apr 2005

sans replies: I think that is what all the parties are saying they want to do, push power to those who make decisions at the local level

written 16th Apr 2005

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