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Well, I'm not sure why I'm not voting...

Well, I'm not sure why I'm not voting, because there are a number of issues, but unfortunately I am unable to register one primary reason, and also struggle to find constructive uses from not voting.
I will, however gladly list my reasons in the hope that others will follow, and by other people sharing their personal views, i hope to build upon my own. However, i would be most appreciative of honest personal responses, as the main focus of many postings seem to be instructions for or even attacks on other people, with little personal reflection. Oh, also, I despise the abhorrent uses of cliches and incomprehendable analagies, so please, please avoid them as I, and hopefully many others, consider them to be detrimental at best.

# I see voting in the same light as public waste management. Many people died before it was implemented, there will always be changes for the positive and negative, it is now (maybe unfairly) taken as granted the world is a better place for it, and as a result, is of little concern to me. It is not a great privilege entrusted upon me, but a benefit of modern society, and as a result, that is how I see it.

#A vote is a way of showing affiliation with a political party. I do not believe in tactical voting, just as I don't believe in popularity contests, and will vote for a party that has earned my respect, captivates my interests, and represents me. As you can imagine, this is quite a list of demands, but I do feel that it is not impossible, and will wait as long as it takes for my dream to be realised.

#I wholeheartedly believe in the 'invisible hand theory'. This concept is a major component of laissez-faire economies, but can be used in many other situations. To put into context, considering how much crap England, Society, and the World, has been dragged through over the last hundred years, two millenia, and the whole of time, things could be better, but things could be much, much worse. All in all, shit sorts itself out. I really struggle to believe that one person choosing to abstain will knock this trend, and that everything will die.

#Worst case scenario from one person not voting? every single other person fails to vote apart from 2 BNP nutters. Well if you believe that can happen, then i feel sorry for you considering my previous point, and we deserve whatever comes. However on the plus side to all this, say voter turnout drops below 20% then I'd like to think (again, maybe unfairly) that this would be sufficient action to warrant a major overhaul of current political parties, and maybe some change would happen, and perish the thought, but change for the good! ...maybe...

#I don't actually believe in the current political system at the moment at all whatsoever. Amongst a number of reasons, the fact of the matter is, labour will win, and i feel there is little that can be done to prevent this from happening, even if I wanted to. Maybe i'm wrong on this, but I would be more than willing to stake a large amount of money on this, should anyone think otherwise.

#Also, every political party has the economy as a fundamental issue, and I again believe wholeheartedly against the economy. The main priority of the economy should not be on profit but on general satisfaction. And I don't mean material satisfaction, but real satisfaction, a concept long forgotten. I mean, you would struggle to buy a product that was meant to last more than ten years in almost every single market. Go on, think about it, hell write me a list if you want, but I can't think of too many other than houses. ten years! thats pathetic, and every political party just wants more of the same.

#You know what, I think the actual reason that i don't vote is because I'm everything voters would say I am. Lazy, ill informed, unthankful, and idiotic. Maybe everything I think is wrong, and I should compromise my beliefs and settle for a party. maybe I should vote and then not think about, safe in the knowledge that my vote was useful, and will ultimately lead to the success of the nation. And maybe i should just ignore what my heart, my soul, my every aching bone is crying, pleading me to do, and let the politicians think for me, i mean that is there job isn't it, there paid to think, and I'm paid to work.
Who am I to upset the status quo?

Suffice to say, I would gladly bear a plethora of names and unworthy titles cast upon me by those who deem it their god given right to insult those who do not agree, but one label I refuse to carry, one which i fear is used far too hastily, and one which I fear most of the visitors of this site have long had to endure, is that of apathy. I do dread the idea of being shelved amongst those who have not even considered the ramifications of their actions, and worse care less, but I feel by writing this message, this long message, I have proved, if only to myself, that though I do not vote, I am not apathetic.


written 13th Apr 2005


SW replies: Sounds to me that you have more than enough good reasons not to vote, Mikey. There are plenty of people who purport to have put a lot more effort into their thoughts and yet are a sight less cohesive than yours. And I subscribe heavily to one of your reasons myself; that if turnout drops low enough they may be FORCED to change the electoral system. Sadly though, even then I doubt it'd make any difference. When Tony Bliar can write off over a million people as an unrepresentative and irrelevant minority (anti-war demonstrations in London) then we may as well all stay home.

written 14th Apr 2005

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