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They're not voting because...

the entire system is rigged.

the entire system is rigged. Compare Labour's massive majority in the Commons with the actual percentage vote share they won in the last election.

Also, politicians are (mostly) a bunch of self-serving donkey-holes and I really don't want to legitimise their "mandate" to corrode our lives in the name of this democracy nonsense.

written 13th Apr 2005


Bri replies: Oxford's English Dictionary's definition of Democracy: a form of government in which the people have a voice in the exercise of power, typically through elected representatives.

Now if we analyse this simple saying:

"People have a voice..." - Over 1 million people marched the streets of London in protest of the War in Iraq. I think their voices fell upon deaf ears.

" the exercise of power..." - I don't feel like I can exercise any power.

"...typically through elected representatives." - Your local representative has pretty much the same power as you, no real voice over the core leaders.

Democracy? My arse it is!

written 14th Apr 2005

SW replies: Not only did their voices fall on deaf ears, I believe the phrase used by B.Liar was "an irrelevant and unrepresentative minority". Considering that most polls are carried out with around 1000 participants, and the results then extrapolated over the population, I'd have said a million is VERY representative - bearing in mind that all of them had the same answer; NO. And yet the clown in charge dismisses this as irrelevant and unrepresentative. The single biggest ever voicing of a single very simple message - still not enough. So tell me; what use voting?!

written 14th Apr 2005

Jeffrey replies: If Labour gets 0% of the vote, they can not form a government. So they must be getting some support. While I agree that politicians end up being self-serving and listen to their political masters more than their consituents - we do have an opportunity to replace them.

Do not vote Labour just to stop a Tory getting in! Vote for who you want. A wasted vote is a vote for something you don't believe in.

written 14th Apr 2005

Monkeynuts replies: Have you considered that voting for a party which supports electoral reform could change the way that parliament is elected? Yes, there will always be issues on which the executive seems to be working contrary to 'public opinion', but that doesn't mean they aren't making decisions in line with the ideology, policies or ethics upon which they were elected.

written 14th Apr 2005

piersh replies: Well SW - one good reason to vote would be to vote for someone other than Blair if that's what you believe.
As for the original post, those who genuinely think that we don't live in a democracy really ought to spend some time in countries that actually aren't, & talk to the people (if they can) to understand the impact this has on their quality of life. Then reflect hard on whether their views are reasonable or whether they should be moderated.

written 14th Apr 2005

John Dee replies: I am quite aware that we live in a constitutional monarchy with layers of representational democracy on top.

I just don't believe that this political system is all that people pretend it is. It's not something we should be seeking to export to other countries. And certainly not something we should force on other countries through warfare.

There may be very little state-sponsored violence in Great Britain (note that Northern Ireland is part of the UK, not Great Britain), and only a very few dissenters are jailed for their views; but the endemic corruption in most institutions in this country renders the entire concept of democracy meaningless: gerrymandering, backhanders, lies, oh look, the list is endless, see so many other posts on this site.

We the people have very little chance of removing miscreants from high office. So where's the democracy? And don't give me "ballot box" nonsense. I would like to see a Green government. Can I vote for a Green government? No. Will the million or so (minimum) people in this country who feel likewise get any representation in the next government? No.

My views *are* reasoned and not merely learned from some Murdoch rag or similar mendacious filth.

So take your "democracy" and stuff it somewhere painful.

written 14th Apr 2005

SW replies: Amen to that with git big cherries on top...!

written 14th Apr 2005

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