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Lost faith in the goverment, or in democracy?

I have no faith in any of the current options for government. The only things I have come to expect from the government are outright lies, underhand violations of promises and a willingness to say almost anything to maintain political power. Actually, that doesn't go far enough. I have lost faith in democracy as implemented in any country I am aware of.
How can you get a government to make the unpopular decisions that will benefit a country in the long term as well as the popular ones aimed at the next election? I certainly can't think of a way to do it.
I am almost completely indifferent to the royal family but, given the house of cards we currently have, I can't help but think they would be more responsible than the current governments available to us. I say bring back the monarchy, or something, or anything. Just something different from the ineffectual status quo we currently fund and the enormous overheads they bring with them.

written 13th Apr 2005


sans replies: When people say a political party will say anything to maintain power, they never push that analysis further to ask why they want power?

Governments often make unpopular decisions. You are assuming that the electorate will always have their short term interest in heart. Well the electorate is you, me, your family and friends, not some mass of "other" people. To generalise and claim to know the hearts and minds of the people of britain is a big leap.

written 16th Apr 2005

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