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I believe the UK politics system is unfair, the first past the post system just doesn't give a fair representation of people's views! I would prefer to live in a place with a proportional representation system, which of course the Lib Dems advocate (or used to!) But they wont get my vote as I don't believe they can run a country. So I dont know who to vote for, we need a [ ] none of the above box on voting papers!

written 13th Apr 2005


Bri replies: I think it has been mentioned before (apologies for misquoting anyone); that not voting at all reflects a view that you cannot find a party that most suits you and therefore shows vote of "none of the above". Feel free to correct me if this is wrong or i have misinterpreted this.

written 13th Apr 2005

Jeffrey replies: I'd advise you to spoil your ballot then. These will be counted.

I don't believe Lib Dems can run the country either, but since they won't win anyway I may as well show my support for them. I simply cannot bring myself to vote Tory, even if it would stop a Labour candidate.

written 13th Apr 2005

Fairy replies: By NOT voting you are simply letting people think that you do not care. As Jeffrey says - spoil your ballot. PLEASE PLEASE VOTE. I am fed up with politicians thinking that the masses don't care how their country is being run - meaning they think they can walk all over society! Spoil your ballot and let them know that you do care - you are just annoyed.

written 13th Apr 2005

Michael replies: The lib dems may not stand much chance of gaining power to form a government but it is not only governments who introduce bills to parliament there is also at least one other way which is a private members bill.

so if you vote for the lib dems thus getting more lib dems into parliamentary seats then petition them for raising the issue of unfair voting there is a better chance a private members bill could be introduced and, with a higher number of liberal mps and support from liberal minded mps (taking into account the coservatives need the pr system now as much as lib dems especially considering results from scotland) there is improved chances of finally getting a democratic voting system.

written 14th Apr 2005

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