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They're not voting because...

Whoever you vote for the government wins

Whoever you vote for the government wins.
the rich get richer and take more power
reclaim our own power don't vote
organise and resist.

written 13th Apr 2005


Bri replies: I wish the people of this country would have some balls. My mother told me once "People died to give me the vote."


People died to give us a democratic society, to live in a free world.

This is more like a elected dictatorship.

written 13th Apr 2005

David replies: I agree. Many years ago, when I was a young man, an older works colleague told me "It doesn't matter who you vote for, son, the government always gets in". Many, many years later, while on holiday in Kenya, my wife and I were joined at dinner by four others, amongst them a gentleman who, it was later explained, was at one time a senior member of The Treasury during the Thatcher years. I said, with some naivity perhaps, that surely it's all the people and advisers behind the scenes in the various government departments who are the sources of the decisions which affect our lives, and that the Politicians are therefore just the mouthpieces. I couldn't decode the looks and glances which went round the dinner table, some aimed in my direction. I had obviously hit a nerve. But - was I right, or grossly wrong to the extent that Maggie would never have taken advice from anyone? If it were the former, why are we expected to vote - it's the beaurocrats that actually run the country. If it were the latter, and if it still holds good today, then I agree with "Bri" in that we do actually live in a Dictatorship.........

written 13th Apr 2005

Jeffrey replies: First, see Yes, Minister. It is compulsory viewing for anyone interested in the civil service (believe me, I've been researching this and nearly everyone cits Yes, Minister).

Then consider who you would want to decide how much you get paid:
a) an expert in your field who worked her way up from the bottom
b) a Martian with an eightball.

It provides a lot of consistency and stability, as people think their views count and in actual fact nothing much changes. Unfortunately politicians have a habit of starting up new schemes to get around this, but they inevitably fail as politicians wield power that they don't understand.

I welcome our elected dictatorship. It is much better this way than tabloid mob rule.

written 13th Apr 2005

Gavin replies: There is this idea that rich people somehow cause poorer people to have less. I think this is a gross misconception. As a general rule, wealthy people are good for everyone - they tend to spend their money, resulting in employment for others. The issue is not about giving anything to the rich, it's about how much you take from them. Yes, I'm sure there are some "fat cats" who seem to be getting fat on public money, but as a general rule wealthy people have just worked hard and made the right choices. Even if it's fallen into their lap, they still tend to spend their money.

My point is that it's not rich people's fault, in most cases, that poor people are poor. What people want is the rich to contribute more - even though they already contribute a lot. If this is what is required to improve society, it may be necessary. But the rich and even the powerful shouldn't be hated for their success because they contribute a lot, whether they want to or not.

BTW, I'm not wealthy and neither are my parents - but I've been employed by some reasonably well off people and I'm very grateful.

written 13th Apr 2005

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