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regardless of what is said or not said...

regardless of what is said or not said, nothing really seems to change;with each government as far back as i can remember there have always been problems,no one seems to tackle the real issues that need sorting out.

written 13th Apr 2005


Bri replies: Not being an expert on politics, more of a bored employee looking for some intellectual engagement, is it not the case that should another leader get into power, perhaps Tory or Lib Dem or whatever, surely they will have the same money, the same hospitals basically the same everything that the previous government had. And they think that they can do a better job but when they get in the driving seat the realise that hold on a sec they actually did the best job with the resources they had and we cant do any better oh well might as well plod along with the same old bullshit, broken promises and lies.

Any feedback would be most appreciated as I say I'm not an expert. And it's too early for precise punctuation so dont say anything!! :-)

written 13th Apr 2005

SW replies: I think also it's a case of having to make too many promises to too many people in order to get in a position of real power in the first place. For instance, if you consider for a second that Tony B.Liar had made a promise to, say, Rupert Murdoch back around 1990 that should he get in power he'd do such and such as long as Murdochs newspapers didn't give B.Liar TOO much bad press. Then, when he DOES get into power (and remember that all politicians are probably constantly promising the earth because as far as I'm concerned every last one of them is a power-hungry sociopath) he realises that a lot of the promises he made on his first election manifesto cannot be met without pissing Rupert off and consequently getting lotsa bad press etc.

Of course that's oversimplifying, but hopefully you get the gist. Remember also that all politicians are members of the old-boy club, the old school-tie brigade and most of them are from the monied elite anyway. Hence what we have is an elite club whose only real interests are protecting the status quo for themselves and those who come after them.

written 13th Apr 2005

Gavin replies: I don't know that having money, or even being a member of some kind of Elite necessarily makes you a total bastard. Certainly that seems to be the position of some people in power, but I think most people at least try and do the right thing, where possible. The problem is that's it's all a balancing act. While you have to help out the people who need it, you have to keep the majority of people at least reasonably happy at the same time.

Everyone's idea of what the "real issues" are differs. Few real problems have easy solutions and many immeadiate solutions result in longer term problems. It's all about priorities.

written 13th Apr 2005

SW replies: "I think most people at least try and do the right thing, where possible"

Iraq being a case in point. They all tried to do the right thing by toeing the party line and giving Bastard B.Liar the green light to go kill and maim, all in the name of "intelligence" that they, being MPs and therefore used to Whitehall bullshit, was sketchy at best.

Now if you'd said "I think most people at least try and do the right thing, where possible... as long as it secures their own jobs for another term" then I'd have agreed.

written 13th Apr 2005

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