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We have long since passed the point where the government was answerable to the people. The people are now answerable to the government and this is totalitarianism thinly disguised as liberal democracy. The disguise doesn't fool me. I'm not pathetic - I'm disgusted and I won't validate the loss of our democracy by taking part in the voting charade.

written 12th Apr 2005


matt replies: Surely you are only making this "loss of democracy" easier and more complete by disenfranchising yourself?

It's easy to say what's wrong with the system we have now, but what would you do to make it better?

written 12th Apr 2005

Lou replies: You misunderstand me Matt. To vote lends credence to the idea that voting changes things, that the system is basically good and simply needs a little tinkering to be made better. I don't sunscribe to this view. Matt we have already lost our democracy and our liberties. If at this late stage, the process could be in way arrested by people voting then you may be sure voting would not happen. Whether people vote or do not vote will make no difference. I simply refuse to play the game of pretending that it will.

written 12th Apr 2005

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