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A democracy is nothing more than mob...

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine. -- Thomas Jefferson

Democracy doesn't work. Why should the desires of the majority dictate the policies of the individual?

written 12th Apr 2005


SW replies: In a TRUE democracy 51% of the vote is a quite valid majority - and an extremely good majority in a system where there are more than 2 parties. However we do not have a true democracy; we have effectively an elected dictatorship. It is high time that democracy was returned to the electorate. What's wrong with direct democracy via the Internet/mobile phone etc as well as the more established means? It's no more open to fraud than postal voting...

written 12th Apr 2005

NF replies: A representative democracy can work well when government has strictly limited powers, and confines itself to taking decisions that must be taken collectively. The relentless expansion of government and the encroachment of it's powers into the life of the individual are the problem.

written 12th Apr 2005

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NotApathetic was built so that people who are planning not to vote in the UK General Election on May 5th can tell the world why. We won't try to persuade you that voting is a good or a bad idea - we're just here to record and share your explanations. Whether ideological, practical or other, any reason will do.

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