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I'm eligible, but not allowed to vote because unlike many more democratic democracies registration closes very early here. I believe that voting is essential to avoid the UK falling into the bi-polarisation of the US political system. Read more of my thoughts on this subject here:

written 12th Apr 2005


Chris replies: I'm in complete agreement with this post. I think it's disgraceful that the deadline for registration was 11th March, nearly a month before the election was actually called! I feel extremely angry that so many people have been disenfranchised by this ludicrous ly early deadline, especially because minority groups and those on the margins of society will be hardest hit. I cannot understand why the deadline seems to have been publicised by no-one until after the event. I say the deadline must be extended so that those who have been caught out are given a chance to exercise their democratic right. I wonder whether there is any such campaign already in motion.

written 12th Apr 2005

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