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They're not voting because...

As a democratic state(sic) we need to...

As a democratic state(sic) we need to vote or be forced to vote.
HOWEVER, we should have the opportunity to tick a "None of the above" box. What happens when "None of the above" get elected, as it surely would?
Now THATS a question!
Sarah Kennedy has just given birth to a new son; congratulations. It is it ironic that to do this she had go through the stress and pain of being "in Labour"? - I know how she feels after eight years of Labour.
The Conservatives don't believe they can win, and nor should they. It is plain they have not learned a thing in the last eight years. All they have done it bury their differences on Europe for the moment.
Vote at the election? WHY BOTHER!

written 12th Apr 2005


john replies: Hey. just had a wonderful idea ...

If we follow the Oz model, FORCE people to go to a ballot box and fine them (say) sixty quid for not doing so ...

...could we chop down some of those bloody speed cameras.

After all, gordon's war chest wouldn't need them any more

written 5th May 2005

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