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For anyone who doesn't know what Peak...

Peak Oil; Environment.

For anyone who doesn't know what Peak Oil is, it is when the demand for oil outstrips the supply. That is currently forecast to happen around 2010; what are wee all going to do when there is international conflict over every single milliliter of oil left on the planet? And why has no party mentioned this issue - coupled with the environment, the biggest problem ever to face mankind - and it's happening now. Even the Greens don't go far enough.

written 12th Apr 2005


Philip Ashton replies: i would like to know where this bloke gets his figures. according to the UN there is more unexploitable oil in alaska and russia than in current reserves. as those reserves run out and the price of oil goes up there will be increased investment in ways to access currently inaccessable reserves (hopefully in a more environmentally friendly way than at present). then there will be more oil available so we can all carry on living our decadent western lives for a few more generations.

written 12th Apr 2005

SW replies: A typically kneejerk response; do some proper research and you will find there are NO reserves which are as yet unaccounted for. There are no new finds of oil beyond those which will go online in 2008, and even then those will only replace a tiny proportion of the oil fields which will be exhausted by then. Even the OPEC countries have been recounting available reserves.

And since when was the UN a reliable source of energy information anyway?!?!

written 12th Apr 2005

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