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The political parties are entirely un-trustworthy, as are most of the politicians.
The whole farce is a popularity contest. The government MUST raise taxes to pay for governance (or what's the point of a government - a whole other discussion).
If one of them says they'll raise taxes to pay for what's needed, the otheres will lie and say they won't and get elected. Then there are two possibilities:
1. They can't make do with the money they have so they fuck it all up.
2. They turn out to be liars - and raise the taxes anyway.

In the meantime, no political act is taken in this country because it NEEDS to be done. The politicians only do WHAT MAKES THEM POPULAR - because if they don't, they'll get voted out.

The LibDems make admirable claims that they will "do what is needed". What would happen if they gained power? You (the voting public) would say "Hey, I'm worse off than I was under the last bunch. I'm not voting for LibDem next time".

UK General Elections are not about getting the most votes. THEY ARE ABOUT GETTING MORE VOTES THAN THE OTHER GUY. The Politicians don't give a damn that 40% (or whatever) don't vote - AS LONG AS THEY WIN. It's easiest to concentrate on the popular things that sway the undecided voters - those who think and care? Screw 'em.

written 12th Apr 2005

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