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I don't trust policians...

I don't trust policians.

I don't see why I should go out of my way to vote anyone in, as as soon as any party gets in they immediately ignore the people that put them there. Over two million people protested about the War on Iraq, but did Labour pay a blind bit of notice?

Conservatives, who would have them back in after the mess they made of the country last time? I wouldn't trust them with a child's piggy bank, never mind the UK economy.

Politicians lie through their teeth, that is when they actually answer a question, and don't deliver campaign promises. Just look at the War on Iraq as a major example of dishonesty and (alegedly) murder. Don't get me wrong, I think that politicians need to have a streak of ruthlessness to defend the populations interests, unfortunately they spend all their time looking after their own first. One party is as bad as the other. Given the choice between choosing one bad apple or another, I would throw them all in the bin.

This started off as a one line comment, and I have only just started!

written 7th Apr 2005

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