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They're not voting because...

Because I would normally vote SNP, but...

Because I would normally vote SNP, but I live in London at the moment.

Also worried about the fraud potential of the postal voting system - why should I bother to vote when the results can so easily be faked? No matter how I vote, I reckon Labour will stay in power (and no, I'm not happy about that either)

written 11th Apr 2005


Anthony Rose replies: How can you live in london and support the SNP!! Go devolve and lose your right to live in the UK, you'll have to apply for a work permit like every other migrant worker.

written 12th Apr 2005

Tom Cochrane replies: Anthony -

One of the larger branches of the SNP is the London branch. An SNP suporter can work and live in London in the same way as any other suporter of any respectable and open political party.
Supporting thge SNP (and devolution) does not negate any rights to work in any part of Europe.
Why would it?
A worker within the EU wouldn't need a work permit.

You seem to have a confused and emotive response to this issue.

written 21st Apr 2005

Archie replies: Anthony - you should perhaps spend more time reading and thinking and less time blowing your mouth off and showing your ignorance.

I agree with the original post. I am very worried about the poostal voting fraud issue. The election will come down to a few hundred vores in some marginal seats - an open field for fraud.

We are becoming more like the USA every day.

written 23rd Apr 2005

Harry replies: I agree with Anthony Rose - why should some Jock scum live and work in London and whine about not being able to support a Jock party.
We can do without him - just like we could have easily done without the other Jocks who dared to live and work in London and still think of themselves as Jocks - people like:

Arthur Conan Doyle, Alexander Fleming, John Logie Baird, Walter Scot, Ian Holm, Ian Richardson, Deborah Kerr, Robert Adam, J. M. Barrie, Even McGregor, Sean Connery, Charles Bell, Joseph Black, Lord Kelvin, John Dunlop, Thomas Lipton, John McAdam, David Livingstone, Ramsay McDonald, James Maxwell, Alistair Sim, Adam Smith, Robert Louis Stevenson.... I could go on for ages but you get the point.

I would say that Jocks are net contributors to London life (and have been for centuries).

written 24th Apr 2005

Tiger43 replies: Hear Hear to the Scots and their contribution to Britain as a whole. Now I throw the challenge down to any Scot who is prepaired to give Englang a good 3 cheers and and slap of the thighs. Followed by a slap up meal at Mrs Miggins pie shop, hoorar.

written 25th Apr 2005

Harry replies: "A Good Three Cheers and a Slap on the Thighs".
Not entirely sure what you mean.

Am I to list the celebration of English culture in Scotland... I could go on for hours.

I have never been aware that was a problem.
Or do you mean that old chestnut "football" suporters.

written 25th Apr 2005

Dr. Mabuse replies: Harry, please note, none of the famous Scots you list was a nationalist (apart from Sean bloody Connery). Furthermore, all of them lived in London after the Act of Union, and indeed, it could be argued that they were inspired and encouraged to come to London because of the Union.

Now please list all the famous Scots that contributed to London life before the Union.

written 26th Apr 2005

Harry replies: Dr. Mabuse

Your question is nonsensical.

Before 1707, there had been little contact between the two nations. All Scotsmen were either Presbyterians or Jacobites, and that alone was enough to alienate them from four-fifths of the English population. Few Scotsmen traveled south and even fewer Englishmen traveled north. Scotland's traditional ally, France, was England's traditional enemy. Scottish scholars and clergymen looked to the universities and seminaries of Continental Europe, rather than England.

Before 1707, economic interaction between the two nations was virtually nil. English Mercantilist policies ensured that Scots were barred access to the English colonies. Scotland's own commerce with England hampered by prohibitive trade barriers. Scottish commercial cities traded almost exclusively with continental Europe.
Scotland's attempts at colonial commerce outraged England and intensified ecconomic warfare - and ended with the ill-fated "Darien scheme" to set up a Scottish colony in Central America in 1698-1702.

written 26th Apr 2005

Harry replies: Dr Mabuse

I didn't suggest that any of the Scots mentioned were nationalists - just that they considered themselves to be Scots.

Now please list all the famous Englishmen that contributed to Scottish life before the Union.

written 26th Apr 2005

Dr. Mabuse replies: Your request is nonsensical since you already conceded my point in your very detailed and eloquent reponse to my original comment - Scotland and England have both benefited immensely from the Union, and so abolishing it would be a pointless act of vandalism that would impoverish both nations.

Scots such as Scott, Conan Doyle, Smith, Baird et al. were able to go to London and make a contribution to the life of their country, Great Britain. Latter day Scots geniuses, hailing from an independent Scotland and working in London, would be making a contribution to the life of a foreign country, England.

written 26th Apr 2005

Harry replies: Dr Mabuse -
I agree with almost all that you are saying.
My only disagreement would be the point that always gets overlooked when this topic comes up.
The ecconomy.

My main reason for being an SNP suporter is the ecconomy. Not a dislike of England or the English.
I don't.

Indeed I think the very concept of being "anti-English" does not really exist.
(that's another story).

The UK ecconomy is at the mercy of the South East corner of England. It is overheated and disadvantages the rest of the UK.

Scotland is in an historical and legislative position to move toward independance (and it surely is moving in that direction).

An independant Scotland could control its corporation tax, Income tax, capital tranfer tax within the generous EU boundaries. Indeed it would be greatly benificial to Scotland to have Euro rather than the overvalued Pound.

So in the same way that Dutch, French, German etc talent is drawn to London Scots of ability will continue to be drawn there.

Far from being a pointless act of vandalism that impoverishes anyone - an independant Scotland would be (after a 5 year readjustment) a more dynamic ecconomy - buying more from England and creating some balance in the North /South divide.

I think the general perception in England would be positive.

written 26th Apr 2005

Tiger43 replies: I think a new and independent Scotland in say 100 years from now would probably be the most powerful nation on earth and most likely Mars colonies on earth would be mainly populated by Scots, a Scottish colony. And the Mars system being controlled by Scotland. And this I might add comming from an Englishman, hoorarrrr.

written 27th Apr 2005

Al replies:
Scotland devolved? But what for? Why would you want to be running just Scotland when you already run the whole UK?

On a separate issue, Tiger, your post made no sence what-so-ever.Mars colonies on earth? Not on Mars then? Most poweful nation on earth? Roughly translated I think what you where trying to say was "oooh I really like you scottish chaps, can I be your friend? You're great." ...Although I'm just guessing.

written 27th Apr 2005

Tiger43 replies: To A1....Not true, some of my best friends are Scotsman. And if you beleive that, you`ll beleive anything. But on a more serious note, I have allot of respect for thistles, wonderfully hardy plants. And going by your "oooh I really like you Scottish chaps", no, I`m not some toffy nosed, upper classed, stiff upper lipped, sexually repressed arse head.

However, with regards to the sexually repressed bit. I havn`t got a girl friend at the moment. Any advice on that one A1?, preferebly sensible.

written 27th Apr 2005

Al replies: Apologies Tiger, must have missed the irony in your post.

We're going off the topic abit with the girl friend issue. I'd suggest getting out a bit, avoid talking about politics and try to look as though you not sexually repressed. I think Leicster has a good male to female ratio, possibly try moving there. Ultimatley if all else fails Middlesbrough's teaming with cheap prostitutes, perhaps try there.

written 27th Apr 2005

William replies: Tiger43 - I have been reading your various posts throughout this site (there are quite a few).
You are clearly an ignorant and pompous little man.
You have added nothing whatsoever to any of the arguments you distract the conversations in progress and mke innane moronic comments - its just my personal reaction but perhaps you should keep your mouth closed.

Other readers should perhaps do a search for Tiger42 and judge for themselves.

written 8th May 2005

Tiger43 replies: To William.......You are the pompous twit I was refering to earlier. William, you silly strange person, I think you`ll find if you have a few brain cells to work it out, that I am in fact joking. Perhaps you should try humour once in a while. Its a strange thing us British get up to every now and again.

If you have something political to say, say it and shove off. If its just going to be abuse, shove off anyway. Its intesting you have said it online, very brave of you. Have a medal.

written 9th May 2005

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