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They're not voting because...

It sometimes bothers me to think that...

It sometimes bothers me to think that I have never voted, yet I mostly disagree with the policies of each prty and I can't see past all the hype and spin that plays a huge part in todays political agenda. I would feel more dishonest if I did go and vote out of guilt for a party who I didn't believe in.

I was in New York, before their November 'election/pantomime' Sadly we all knew it would be rigged, but yet Americans cannot see that they have got some power.

If you don't constantly but into the lifestyle/brands, there won't be such high a demand for 'disposable goods' that don't matter. The corporations then won't have as much power when it comes to politics, education and public events (why does everything have to be sponsored?) and eventually they won't have the money to pump into political parties etc

This may cause the collapse of economies so what? It's only money! Would you rather be a resentful lifelong wage slave or someone who feels more honest and true about who they are and what they believe in?

Voice your opinions wherever you can, it can only lead to making people think!!!!

Britain is more than a consumer-orientated country, it is also politically corrupt I'm NOT lovin' it

written 11th Apr 2005


TW replies: How many people think the UK is absolutely mad? We critiscise other countries and yet we have laws, policies and people in power that would not seem out of place in any sitcom.

One day you see sentences - rapist gets 3 months, litter dropper gets 2 years, spammer gets 9 years (ok agree with spammer)

Then we get spin, spin, spin. How do we know anything written is true?

And TV where the only purpose of the program is to advertise and then worse, the only purpose of many programs is the stupid phone in competitions - that's where the money is made!

Brand names - we all know how stupid it is but we buy them

Tax, beaurocrasy, rules, laws - it's all mad and it makes your head implode. But more than that, why do so many people seem oblivious to it all? Are we unusual if we see through it all? Even then there's probably stuff that we don't see through!

Some spin is so obvious I feel seriously patronised - but why is there not a more general outcry? Do people know it goes on but ignore it? Is it the same people that watch soaps and think they're real life? I mean no offence but I AM curious :-)

I want a party that will cut through all this cr@p, then I might care about voting.

Until then I think "what's the point"

written 12th Apr 2005

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