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The government and the opposition parties resolutely refuse to give constitutional parity to England within the UK. Post devolution, we endure the continuation of higher public spending in the rest of the UK, courtesy of our taxes (the Barnett Formula), non-representative MPs (such as John Reid) in key positions (he is health minister for England)but unaccountable to England's electorate, unelected and therefore undemocratic regional assemblies (despite the North East "NO" Vote)and the West Lothian Question. The people of England, whatever their origins, are treated as second class citizens within the UK. This is largely the fault of the current government, but no opposition parties are prepared to fully address the issues. It is an outrage.

written 11th Apr 2005


Arthur replies: I fully agree. There is a deeply undemocratic process going on for the English.

I have come to the conclusion that I have no alternative than to cast a protest vote with the BNP - if enough Englishmen (and women of course) - do that then a clear message will be sent.

As for the Scotch - they have been whining for years for an assembly and now they have been given one they still want to have a say on England and the English.

written 26th Apr 2005

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