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They're not voting because...

Vote for specific policies not for politicians.

We SHOULD be voting for specific policies, NOT for a person from a selection of untrustworthy politicians, and NOT for the party you think will screw the country up the least. If you agree with only 40% of Conservative's policies, 40% of Labours and 30% of alternative party's policies, who do you vote for?
Am I the only person who finds it worrying that our country is run by decisions based on politicians shouting at each other across a room and petty squabbling? Is anybody else concerned that many voters vote for a party based on what that party did more than 20 years ago or even based on what their favourite colour is? I say we should scrap country wide parties and create a system of Government based on voting for specific major policies. It should be a system based on encouraging politicians to work together, not based on slagging each other off as it is currently. We also need to begin to look at where technology can be used in the future to provide a permanent system for regular referendums. This would allow the people who care, to vote directly on the big issues, thus not relying totally on a politician you don't trust or didn't vote for.
I believe that the first step towards giving control of our country back to us (the people), is to spoil your ballot paper. Go on, make the effort! If more than 50% of voters deliberately spoil their ballot, the Government cannot ignore the fact that the people are unhappy. It may lead to another 4 years of poor Government, but we are going to get that anyway. Our political system has barely changed since Oliver Cromwell, yet our country, the people and our way of life has changed. Isn't it finally about time we begin to change and improve OUR system of Government, even if only for our children's sake?

written 11th Apr 2005


Michael replies: The sort of real democracy which you suggest is already in operation in a number of countries. We can't get rid of parties and politicians overnight but we can introduce elements of direct, citizens' democracy. So we could make proposals and co-decide on the issues which we select. Please check out our proposals and resources for campaigning via

Citizens' Initiative and Referendum I&R
a campaign for direct democracy in Britain

written 11th Apr 2005

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