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which bunch of wankers do I decide to...

which bunch of wankers do I decide to waste 1/3 of my income on ?

written 10th Apr 2005


Jo replies: NHS - a waste of money? Street lighting - a waste of money? The education system - a waste of money? There may be flaws in how public money is spent but these things are essential. If you think Labour are wasting money then VOTE. The goverment will always take 1/3 of your income so stop complaining and vote to decide who should spend that money and how.

written 11th Apr 2005

JB replies: Err yes they are a waste of money..
have you been to an NHS hospital recently? And state schools, look at all the chav kids running amok...

If you have any sense you pay for private healthcare and private schooling..

written 11th Apr 2005

andy replies: Quote: NHS - a waste of money?
I have just waited 4 months for an appointment at an NHS hospital for a potentially serious condition. A month after that I am still waiting for results.

Quote:Street lighting - a waste of money?
The streetlights in my road have been out for over a month despite numerous calls to the council.

Police - Our police contribution of our council tax has risen by 50% in the last two years. We have a higher rate of vandalism, more violent crime and less patrols. Unless you count the 'city patrol' - A group of people paid by the taxpayer who actually have no authority.

Despite a 5m budget set for road improvements, I have yet to see any repairs apart from large lumps of tar thrown into the largest holes.

Oh and how does Joe public afford private education for their kids?
My wife wanted to go back to work full time after our kid was born - We were entitled to zero benefits and the cost of ANY childcare was more than she would earn. How is that an incentive to return to work and CONTRIBUTE to the country rather than live off the benefits/taxpayer?

etc. etc.

Quote: which bunch of wankers do I decide to waste 1/3 of my income on ?

Absolutely right!

written 11th Apr 2005

Jo replies: The government (quite appropriately) will always tax income and therefore I cannot afford private healthcare or schooling. Instead I will be voting for the party I believe will work hardest to improve the public sevices already in place. As I said before, there are flaws in e.g. the NHS and state schools but improvements can and will be made. And can we not overlook the fact that just because there are a handfull of bad schools and a handfull of stories where the NHS has failed doesn't meant that there aren't hundreds of children doing well in state schools and hundreds of people being treated correctly under the NHS. There are many areas all over the country where private healthcare and private schooling are not a necessay option.

written 11th Apr 2005

Andrew replies:
If you have any sense you pay for private healthcare ...

Only the extremely rich could afford private healthcare for serious conditions since health insurance companies won't insure terminal cancer patients or patients with a history of heart disease, or patients on Dialysis, or patients with Liver failure, or patients with serious bone diseases or .... Need I go on?

That is why we have a health service, as healthcare left to profiteers will always try and exclude anyone that costs them money.

You will need it some day, and you will be grateful when the insurance company increases your payments to a figure you can no longer afford.

written 11th Apr 2005

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