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I have no faith in the ability of a bunch of Public School boys, with no grasp of real life, to run the country.
Because of the last two governments I now have 12000 worth of debt, failed my degree trying to earn enough money to live, and then got sacked from Job seekers Allowance because they didn't agree with my reasons for giving up my job: namely, I couldn't afford to live away from home any more. It seems that the Government seem to make things very easy for people who are already loaded, and people who can't be vothered to try. Those in the middle ground such as me, who try really really hard but don't have the money to strike out properly just spiral into debt due to the poor management of time and benefits.
I will be handing in my ballot paper but it will be blank.

written 7th Apr 2005


Glenn replies: Don't hand a blank ballot paper in or you may just find you voted for the most corrupt of the candidates. Better to spoil your paper.

written 7th Apr 2005

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