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Because in my 40 odd years, I've never...

Because in my 40 odd years, I've never yet seen anything important change as a result of which particular party gets in. Not the things that matter to me anyway, health, education, and yob/violent crime. All there seems to have been in my lifetime is a deterioration of the kind of standards in all areas of concern to me -" Joe Public" that once made this country great.

If a party comes along that promises zero tolerance to yobs, poor standards in schools, dirty hospitals, and scum wittering on about their "rights" (to hell with the rights of the rest of us) - they'll get my vote. Find me somebody will the balls to take it on and the guts to see it through - and I'd be there. None of them, living their rarified lives remote from the general reality, gives a toss about how it is at grass roots level - they don't need to because they don't suffer like we do.

written 9th Apr 2005


jb replies: I agree with every word of the above.
Oh and well we're at it, lets get rid of political correctness once and for all.

written 11th Apr 2005

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