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I'm not voting in support of a party, but in support of a new way of doing democracy, called the Simultaneous Policy (SP) campaign. The idea is to ask candidates to sign a pledge to implement SP alongside other governments. SP is being developed by 'we, the people'. Anyone can join in by signing up as an Adopter. It only addresses global issues such as climate change, unfair trade and unsustainability, recognising that governments are limited from taking action in these areas because they fear losing investment and jobs to other countries. Candidates from all parties have signed the pledge, in some constituencies, such as the very marginal South Dorset, both Labour and LibDem candidates have signed, meaning the campaign is guaranteed to gain an MP who has signed the pledge. Find out more at So here in Cambridge I will vote, but only because a candidate has signed the pledge (I hope that doesn't make my posting invalid!).

written 9th Apr 2005

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