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I am in fact going to spoil my ballot...

I am in fact going to spoil my ballot paper, which counts as a vote of sorts.

Reasons I will not be endorsing any of the major political parties are as follows:

(a) Having campaigned for Labout in the last two campaigns, I find myself so disgusted by so many aspects of what they apparently choose to call their "policy" that I will never vote for them again. A vote for Blair is morally indefensible and is tantamount to a vote for Bush. I might vote either of the aforementioned into Room 101, via the Inferno, but that is as much personal patronage as either of them have any right to expect.

(b) The opposition. What opposition? Day I find myself voting for someone like Michael Howard, there will be porcine legions traversing the heavens. As for the Liberals, can't possibly keep track of their weathercock policy makers so would have absolutely no idea who or what I'd be voting for.

They are almost without exception dishonest divisive self-obsessed imbeciles. Choosing which lunatic you want to run the asylum is hardly a choice. Stroll on towards a brighter, shinier, blander future where lies are truth and truth lies in a gutter somewhere. Raped.

written 8th Apr 2005

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