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I'm average. I work. I pay. I am not poverty-stricken, sick or disabled, crimeridden, or dishonest. Am I lucky? My "luck" makes me pay hugely every time I earn, to inefficiently support groups like those above. The support that I must accept, socially.
And yet all supposed incentives which could help improve my life pass me by - continually escaping the criteria by an irritatingly large margin.
Will this change? Not in my lifetime.

written 8th Apr 2005


Gavin replies: Too true... But that's the price you pay to stop those groups rising up and killing us all. The bureaucracy that is the glue on the wheels of society makes sure everything happens as slowly as possible, so we can all be ready to get out of the way when anything really bad is likely to happen.

If I work really hard for the next few years, I might just make it into the next tax bracket. Now there's an incentive.

written 10th Apr 2005

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