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(I shall be spoiling my ballot paper...

(I shall be spoiling my ballot paper) Because i feel that this country's political system lacks accountability and honesty.
I don't think anybody has a realistic grasp of what's going on these days.
Schoolkids are becoming more and more disruptive, and are relitively unpunished (oh no, not an ASBO!)
Seperate cannabis from dealers who serve addictive and dangerous chemicals , and remove the 'Gateway drug' aspect. Cannabis must be treated as alcohol, as a recreational substance with the bonus of certain curative and painrelieving properties.
ID cards must be scrapped, I do not wish to exist in an orwellian state.
Accountability, please. whatever laws are required to ensure the relevent heads roll following cockups *cough* iraq war.
Critical issues affecting day to day life should not be decided by a man in a suit, or even a team of men in suits. the people these issues affect must be allowed to vote. In a word, referendums, please, and more of them.
Let's NOT get dragged into the next crusade america wishes to lead what it considers to be the world on *cough* world series.
I have more ranting, but i think that's enough for now.
I'm not suggesting any of these reasons are reason enough to note vote, but I'd urge fellow voters to spoil their ballot papers and show those in power, and those vying for power quite how dissatisfied we are.

written 8th Apr 2005


Poster - Correction replies: Prefix 'ID cards must be scrapped' with 'Plans for'

written 8th Apr 2005

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