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They're not voting because...

Anyone seeking to be a politition is...

Anyone seeking to be a politition is, by default, unsuitable for the postion.
The few 'good people' who go into politics in an effort to make a genuine change for good soon become corrupted.
I wouldn't trust any of them!

written 10th Apr 2005


Chris replies: Oh yes, that's a very sensible way to go about it. You obviously don't like the system but you're not going to anything about it. Saying you're not going to vote because people who want to be politicians shouldn't be is ridiculous. No politicians = no government. And are you suggesting we have no government at all? Or would you rather we selected random people off the street who don't realise they want to be politicians and then let them run our economy, public services, etc...?

written 11th Apr 2005

Fairy replies: Oh you silly person.

Some politicians are self serving ego centrics.

Others are not.

Politics is a valuable occupation - you are helping others in your country on a grand scale. The money is not great in comparison to barristers for example (what a huge number of MPs are) why would you leave your successful high paying job for one where you get paid less and disrespected more - BECAUSE YOU CARE. And unless you are a Cabinet Member or on the front bench for the opppositions very few people are likely to have heard of you. So there's no glory either.

written 12th Apr 2005

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