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Over the previous elections I had chosen...

Over the previous elections I had chosen to vote for the Lib Dems mainly as a protest vote against the two main parties. But this year, I will either a) vote Green, or b) spoil my ballot.

This change of heart is due to one simple comment that came forth from the mouth of Charles Kennedy. He stated that the Liberal Democrats will be targetting "students and pensioners" during the upcoming election.

What about the rest of us Mr. Kennedy? Leave us out in the cold, and you shall be left out in the cold also.

Goodbye, sweet middle-of-the-road.

written 8th Apr 2005


Jeffrey replies: Well thats a bit unfair. If he had said the Lib Dems are targetting "every man, woman and child" people would abandon them for being opportunistic and trying to be all things to all people.

written 8th Apr 2005

Kirsty replies: Besides, what's the point in targeting students? When I was at uni 5 years ago there was so much apathy that I got elected to go to the NUS conference simply by asking my mates to vote for me - no campaign, no policies, (as my design project was due in that week) and I still managed to get on the team!

written 8th Apr 2005

Gavin replies: The Lib Dems are into demonising the wealthy, so they like to target groups that most people think are poor. I get the impression most people think wealthy people get their money from nowhere and just hoard it in huge towers, Duck Tales-style. It doesn't work like that - most people who earn a serious amount of money have worked very hard, usually for a long time get get into the position they're in. Once there, they tend to use their money to buy stuff and employ people. Rich people are great news for poor people. They already pay huge amounts of tax. Playing Robin Hood makes them morally no better than those who would demonise Gypsies or whatever - and the Lib Dems would target ALL rich people, not just a problematic subsection.

I'm not rich, but I don't see any need to instigate jealousy politics.

written 11th Apr 2005

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