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Politicians are just the PR wing for...

Politicians are just the PR wing for the major corporations and above that the real power base of global capitalism.

It is apparent to anyone (above the common denominator they aim for) that their spun web of lies has equally trapped them.
Despite their attempts to blind us to their interests, it shines through between the lines of what they say and even how they act.

Any objective observer can see their machinations as they manouver weak TV interviewers off any important topic into a less contentious side road.

Like this very common news anchor and MP Q&A session:

Q: Why did you invade iraq, for the oil?
A: We came to iraq to instil peace and remove a brutal dictator ... did you want him in power?

Q: Of course SH was bad, but there are many other bad dictators, why Iraq?
A: We had intelligence that he was ultra bad, which it sadly turns out was wrong, we admit our mistakes ... but it was still for the best!

Q: so you dont regret invading?
A:Ask the iraqi people, they now enjoy...blah, blah..

let's see, questions answered ..
Oil : nope, used the SH moral sidestep
Other countries: nope, blamed faulty inteligence
regrets: nope, looking forward to my oil company directorship.

in this typical exchange no questions were answered, I'm sure th eMP felt very happy with themselves. *that's 3 points to me and 0 to the interviewer*
But, to a public with half a brain it spells contempt.

When I look at how my local (Labour) MP voted in the commons, it was with the PRmaster General on all issues - regardless of local opinion, For example: on the invasion of Iraq she gave assent to in all relevant votes.
In what way is this MP representing the views of the local people? Did the local people agree with the primeminister on every single government vote this term and the last ? well, they must because she has NEVER voted against the whip!

In the US they openly have paid lobyists to the congress, here our 'politicians' have their payment deferred until they are out of office.

written 8th Apr 2005

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