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I have never voted in a national election, and do not intend to vote this time either. Unlike the baby-boomers I cannot in good conscience vote for the party I dislike the least I feel this would be tantamount to complicit support. I feel it is wrong to vote for parties and policies with which I disagree.
Briefly, I do not support the government as I believe the engage in deceptive tactics to manipulate public opinions to their own divisive political ends and steadfastly refuse to address issues of particular concern to myself. I am not Conservative as I am not Euro-sceptic, find their published policies laughable, their immigration stance (i.e. for quotas) ridiculous and the social standing of the main-players untenable. I am not for UKIP because I am not a criminal retard. I feel my politics are liberal, but I am not Democrat as I dont feel a policy of tax-and-spend is itself liberal and this seems to be the only policy the Democrats have formed.
If I could put all the major parties on the spot Id have two main questions:
1. Why does your party support (NI and) income tax at a higher rate to other earnings? Why do you feel it is morally acceptable to demand more tax from someone who works every waking hour to earn 50K/anm than someone else enjoying a relaxed lifestyle who earns 50K/anm paid as dividends and interest on investments etc? This is fundamentally dishonest tax policy and it appears to be supported by all the major parties. How will you go about making taxation fair?
2. UK Policies have forced an artificial shortage of housing which has lead to a massive property boom which places the basic necessity of shelter beyond the means of many young people today. What provision will you make to ensure that UK residents can build or acquire a home at a realistic price? As there is a shortage of housing what steps do you propose to encourage self-build, for example, to allow individuals to acquire acceptable accommodation at a realistic cost and, over time, to restore a sensible balance in the UK residential housing market?
I do not intend to vote in this election as all the parties preclude themselves from my support.

written 8th Apr 2005


PR replies: Wow! I can not believe that someone has FINALLY spoken up about the insane housing situation in this country.

Politicians stubbornly refuse to acknowledge this issue at all.

They seem obsessed with keeping inflation and salary increses as low as possible, but yet are quite happy to let house prices increase by 3 figure percentages over a couple of years.

written 8th Apr 2005

Gavin replies: The trouble is, high house prices are still (sort of) good or seen as good, for a large percentage of the population. Anyone whose property has gained in value will be pleased that prices have risen and this increase in value is seen by many as a sign of prosperity.

I still wish I could buy a house, though, without having to sell my fucking organs.

written 11th Apr 2005

Steve replies: I understand the claim that house price inflation is seen by many home owning voters as a sign of prosperity, but I decry this fallacious evaluation. On the contrary, the exact opposite holds: A shortage of supply is a clear indicator of economic failure not success. To my mind the current situation reeks of dishonest accountancy with todays artificially inflated house prices standing in opposition of a mobile, agile workforce. This, in my opinion, makes Britain substantially less affluent in real terms. Everyone is adversely affected by poor availability of appropriately skilled employees for service industries; todays youth is loosing motivation to save - recognising the futility of their chasing the stratospheric price of homes ultimately increasing the burden on the state for social housing. Disproportionately high house prices are not a success they are anything but.

written 17th May 2005

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