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The first past the post system currently employed to elect out MPs is not, in my opinion, democratic. It means that all votes for the other parties (the ones that are not first) are discarded. Bring in proportional representation and lets limit the number on MPs to 100, as most are a complete waste of space and are taking up tax money to pay their wages. At least in this way a democratic proportion will be elected.

written 8th Apr 2005


Matt replies: If you have 100 MP's, and 3 parties, as we have now, and the votes are split 40%, 35%, 25%, as we have now, who rules the country?

Is it the party on 40%, as we have now?

If we had 2 mainstream parties on 45%, and a third, more extreme party on 10%, doesn't that give an unproportional amount of influence over the next government to the small, ectremist party? ("We'll help you to form the next government if you'll freeze all non-white immigration" "...if you'll hold a referendum on the withdrawl from Europe"

Again, not democratic.

written 12th Apr 2005

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